Based in Melbourne Australia, Miki Simankevicius has been passionate about creating and capturing beautiful images since he first held a camera at a young age. Growing up with an artistic background and boundless creativity, Miki has always enjoyed going far out of his way to capture the perfect image.

Miki believes that every subject has its own style and beauty, which can be captured and depicted with the right attention. He is passionate about taking every project to its full potential and working with his clients to create product that is truly suited to their needs. Miki is also avid about helping brands get off their feet and excel with a confident and professional image – whether it be in photography, video production, web, design, or all of the above.

Miki’s background in extreme sports, love of nature, hobby as a heavy metal musician, and curiosity to explore the unknown have taught him how to truly capture an experience with the respect and emotion it deserves. Having won numerous art and photography awards, creating several viral videos, and completing the Bachelor of film ant TV at Swinburne University, Miki is excited to get your product or brand off the ground and watch it excel!